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Automatic Oil BDV Test Set

SAKOVA make Automatic Oil Test Set is designed for speedy and accurate testing of dielectric strength of
circuit breakers oil and transformers oil in accordance with international standards like IEC-156, IS-6792 etc.

Automatic Oil Test Set


The set comprises of an HV transformer, motorized variac, a micro-processor controller and a printer housed in an M.S cabinet. The HV electrodes are housed in an insulated cubicle made of FRP with a hinged acrylic cover with interlocking for safety. The control panel and the printer are protected from dust and in transit damage by a removable hinged MS cover.


The following settable parameters are provided for the custom test.

  • No. of test sets : 1 – 99
  • No. of test per sets : 1 – 9
  • Initial stand time : 1-999 Secs.
  • Stir time : 1-999 Secs.
  • Intermediate stand time : 1-999 Secs.
  • Rate of voltage rise : 0.5kV/Sec to 3kV/Sec. (in steps of 0.5kV) and 5kV/Sec.
  • Reading and Average : Average BDV of the number of tests, 1-9, as selected is displayed.

  • Automatic Oil Test Set


    Backlit liquid crystal display giving alpha numeric information. The breakdown voltages in three digits up to 100 kV and their average value are displayed with resolution of 1kV. Any set of readings can be recalled.


    A dot-matrix 24 col. Printer of standard make is provided to print out the breakdown voltages and the average value of each set of tests with their serial number. Any set of reading can be recalled and reprinted


    Interlocks are provided for Zero start and cover H.T. Electrodes. The H.T. circuit trips automatically at the breakdown voltage.


    Oil pot with electrodes as per Fig. 2 of IS-6792 & IEC-156 along with a 2.5mm GO/NO-GO gauge is provided. The gap between the electrodes is adjustable.