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Contact Resistance Meter

Compact and portable. Contact Resistance Meter is meant for measurement of resistance of bus bar joints, male-female contacts of isolators, SF-6 Breaker contacts, GTS breaker contacts etc. of the sub-stations. The measurement of contact resistance is done by applying a DC current of 0-100 Amps. and measuring the voltage drop across the contacts. An ammeter and a millivoltmeter (Micro-ohmmeter) are provided measuring the current and resistance. A lamp indicates the AC supply position. A variac is provided for adjusting the output current from 0 to 100 amps. Fuse for protection against overload is incorporated.

Contact Resistance Meter


  • CRM Range: 0.1 micro-ohm to 19999 micro-ohm in two ranges.
  • Input: 240 V ±10%, 50 Hz. ±5%.
  • Output: 0-100 Amps., DC, continuously variable.

  • Additional Feature: A variable DC supply source of 0-250 V/3 A has been provided for any auxiliary use.

    Display: LED display with hold facility.

    Housing: FRP unbreakable body housed in MS fabricated box for transportation and to provide protection from tempering, damage etc.

    Dimensions: CRM - 18" x 12" x 7" approx., MS Box – 20” x 14” x 9” approx.

    Weight: 25/30 kgs. approx.

    Accessories: 1.) AC supply connecting lead along with plug/socket, 2.) Connecting lead leads DC +ve & -ve with crocodile clamps for connections to terminals of size 5mm to 44mm. Capable of carrying current of 100 Amp. Length 15m, 3.) Connecting leads with crocodile clamps for measuring voltage drop resistance across contracts. Length 15m.