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Earth Tester

Effective earthling is fundamental to electrical plant safety. The operation of protective equipment depends upon the earth electrode resistance at sub-stations, factories & plants. It is vital that this resistance be of low value and that it be maintained clearly within defined limits.

The Earth Testers available from SAKOVA are robust, portable, durable and manufactured with extremely high standard for (I) Earth-resistivity measurements which provide a convenient direct method for determining the best locations for siting earth electrodes, for geophysical surveying and for investigating problems connected with soil, viz. Corrosion, cathodic protection, etc. (II) measuring the resistance of existing earthling and checking maintaining electrical connections from sheaths, frames transformer cases, etc.


  • INDICATOR: This is a permanent magnet moving coil system, which makes the instrument direct reading without the requirement of any initial calibration & setting and also makes the readings independent of the speed of rotation and the contact resistance of the ground rods (electrodes).
  • GENERATOR: This incorporates a balanced rotary magnet with stationary coils which eliminates the carbon brushes.
  • ELECTRONIC COMMUTATOR SYSTEM: A synchronized commutator system is necessary so that only the current of frequency generated by the hand generator is rectified and fed into the moving coil indicator. The other stray currents are thus prevented from affecting the readings of the instrument. An electronic synchronized commutator system (having feed-back from the generator) has been incorporated. This has the advantages over mechanical commutators that there are no carbon brushes or moving contacts, which generate contact problems & sparking and wear out very soon. This also does not add any mechanical load on the generator thus adding to the life of gears and bearings.


  • Models: 3 Terminal & 4 Terminal.
  • Ranges: Any range from 0-5 ohms to 0-10,000 ohms in single or multi ranges.
  • Scale Length: 90 mm approx.
  • Accuracy: As per IS: 9223-1979.
  • Casing: Stove enameled aluminum casting.

  • Dimensions: 220 x 120 x 130 mm approx.

    Weight: 2.3 kgs. approx.