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DC High Voltage Test Set

SAKOVA DC HV TEST SET has been designed to test the 11 KV & 33 KV cables, cable fittings, switchgears and high voltage installations. The desired DC voltages are applied to the “system” under test. The leakage current and the voltage applied are indicated by the meters, which help in determining the insulation resistance and dielectric strength of the “system” under test.

DC High Voltage Test Set


  • Variable DC output 0-30KV or as desired.
  • Automatic tripping at present leakage current, up to 10 mA.
  • Earth connection interlock.
  • Discharge rod comprising of small units for easy carrying.
  • Zero Start interlock.
  • Shielded HV output lead.
  • Timer, adjustable up to 5 min. or as desired.
  • Compact and portable housed in sheet metal box.
  • Dimensions: 400 X 265 X 300 mms approx.(30KV unit).

    Weight: 25 kgs. approx.(with accessories).

    AC High Voltage Test Set

    SAKOVA SAKOVA HIGH VOLTAGE BREAKDOWN TESTERS basically consist of a Double Wound High Voltage Transformer with the H.T. end brought out and terminated on a spring loaded prod for ratings up to 5 KV, or the H.T. end is brought out on a bushing. The lower end of the H.T. winding is at near earth potential and is also brought out, through intermediate circuitry and is terminated on the EARTH connection. The intermediate circuitry included at the lower end of thee H.T. winding enables tripping of supply to the H.T. Transformer, if the current through the test piece exceeds a predetermined value. The low voltage winding of the main HV Transformers rated for 230 Volts or as specified and is energized by means of a VARIAC through a fusee link and an intermediate contactor/relay. The provision of VARIAC enables gradual application of high voltage to the specimen under test. The “Zero start” interlock switch is provided.

    Indicating Lamps are provided on the panel of the instruments to indicate “MAINS ON” and “H.T. ON”. A Voltmeter is provided on the panel to indicate the output high voltage. The voltmeter is connected on the low voltage side of the main transformer but is calibrated to read the H.T. Voltage directly. The calibration is carried out at no load. If the failure of the test piece occurs, the supply to the Voltmeter is maintained, although the supply to the HV Transformer is instantaneously cut-off. The voltmeter, therefore, indicates thee voltage at which the test piece has failed.

    The testers of ratings up to 10 KV are housed in a single sheet metal housing while those of ratings above 10 KV comprise of control unit and a HV transformer unit made of sheet metal.

    The Testers are available for output voltages up to 100 KV and different current ratings as desired.