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Oil BDV Test Set (Motorized & Manually Operated)

In all H.T. Transformers and Circuit Breakers etc. transformer oil or other insulant is a very important ingredient.
The liquid insulant used should have a very high dielectric strength. To test the dielectric strength of the INSULANT,
a very high voltage is passed through it. The failure of the dielectric strength of INSULANT is shown by a spark across
two electrodes. The apparatus to carry out this test is manufactured by us in various voltage ranges and models,
as per IS:6792/1972 and IEC-156, known as SAKOVA OIL TEST SET.

Oil Test Set


The set comprises of the following parts viz. Control Panel, H.T. Transformer and Oil Test Cell (with electrodes & Gauge), housed in a sheet-metal cabinet, having an acrylic covered housing for Oil Test Cell.


  • Continuously variable auto-transformer (variac) for smooth variation of output voltage, operated manually or by a constant speed synchronous motor, as desired.
  • “MAINS” & “H.T.” “ON & OFF” Switches, incorporating automatic tripping mechanism for protecting the H.T. Transformer against overloading.
  • Voltmeter to monitor output voltage, calibrated in Kilovolts.
  • Zero Start interlocking device, so that the set will not be energized unless the variac is brought back to zero output position.
  • Two pilot lamps, green and red for “MAINS ON” and “HT ON” indications.
  • Fuse for the L.T. side, one 3-Pin plug with 1.5 meter long cable for mains connection.

  • Oil Test Set


    H.T. Transformer is RESIN CAST or OIL COOLED and of compact type, properly designed and treated for perfect tropicalization.


    Test Cell is made of synthetic polymer and is mechanically tough, transparent and non-absorbent. The cell is complete with adjustable gap electrode arrangement and gauge, as per IS:6792/1972.


    The above equipment is wired and housed in a highly finished sheet-metal cabinet. A hinged perspex cover is provided in the unit for covering the H.T. Terminals, with suitable interlocking device. The set will not be energized unless the cover is closed.


  • Input: 240 Volts + 10% 50 Hz., Single Phase A.C.
  • Output: Continuously variable between 0-60KV, 80KV or 100KV A.C.
  • Capacity: 1000 VA.
  • Models: Manually Operated & Motorized.

  • Dimensions*: 60KV - 375 x 450 x 375 mm, 80 or 100KV - 470 x 550 x 430 mm.

    Weight*: 60 KV: 35 kgs., 80 or 100 KV: 65 kgs.

    *Approx. dimensions/weight.