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Primary Injection Set

SAKOVA Primary Current Injection Set PIS-1000 is a high current supply unit, which is very easy to move about because of its convenient modular design. The primary injection set PIS-1000 is a compact instrument with a built-in ammeter, which meets the stringent requirements for accuracy, easy handling and performance.

Primary Injection Set


  • Primary testing of protective relay equipment.
  • Turn ratio testing of current transformer.
  • Testing Switchgear/Control gear.
  • Commissioning tests that need a variable current.

PIS-1000 comprises of two portable units viz. Control Unit and Current Unit with suitable terminals and metering, housed in painted M.S. Boxes which can be mounted on a foldable trolley for easy transportation.


  • Input: 240 Volts + 10%, 50 Hz.
  • Output: 0-500/1000 Amps AC. Separate bus bars for the two ranges.
  • Capacity: 5 KVA.
  • Metering: Analog or digital, as desired.
  • Duty Cycle: 5 minutes ON, 15 minutes OFF.

  • Dimensions: Control/Transformer unit: 16”x 15”x 12” approx.

    Weight: Control Unit–30 Kgs. approx., Transformer Unit–45 Kgs. approx.

    Optional Accessories: Pair of output cables, Foldable trolley.