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Relay Test Set

The set is capable of testing of all types of single phase equipment, over-current, under & over-voltage, leakage current, power, distance and directional relays etc. Other fields of operation are plotting Excitation Curves and Ratio Tests of CT's and PT's.

Relay Test Set

The set comprises of the auto variable transformers, current transformer, contactor, automatic cut-off, electronic time interval meter, capacitor & resistors for phase shifting, operating switches and meters for output parameters, housed in a cabinet made of FRP. Suitable switches are provided for selection of voltage and current ranges and type of relay contacts viz. NC/NO. The output current and voltage are continuously variable. The output is automatically cut off as soon as relay under test operates. The time interval meter indicates the time taken by the "Relay under Test" to operate. Separate terminals are provided for output voltage & current ranges and relay connections. The toggle & push switches, indicators, voltmeter, ammeter and variac knobs are provided on the control panel. Sturdy carrying case is provided for easy transportation. The T.I. Meter can also be programmed to measure pick-up and dropout time of contactors, independently.


  • Input: 240 V±10%, 50 Hz., Single phase.
  • Output: RTS – 01         RTS – 02X         RTS – 03
  • Ammeter & Voltmeter: Digital (3.5), accuracy – 1%.
  • Time Interval Meter: Auto ranging from 0.0001 to 9999 Secs., Accuracy: 0.05%.
  • Phase Shifting: 30, 45 and 60 degrees can be attained by R/C network provided in model RTS- 03 only.

  • Dimensions: 18" x 12" x 8" approx.

    Weight: 30 Kgs. approx.

    Optional Accessories: Set of Testing leads, Carrying case with wheels for transportation.